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  • Luigi Andrea Moretti
  • He/Him
  • MD, MSc Health Tech, PhD St.
  • Bristol (UK) / Bari (IT)
  • English, Italian, a bit of German

Hello, glad to meet with you!

I am a firm believer in the outstanding potential of digital solutions in healthcare. My medical academic background combined with five-year of product development and research experience has enabled me to acquire a deep understanding of the characteristics of the medical technology industry, its key players, opportunities and challenges, both technically and commercially.

My career has been built on my ability to blend competences and perspectives from different fields, with a focus on innovative products. I am enthusiastically vision-driven, because if it's true we work for a living, we excel only when if we feel involved.

What I do

Product R&D

Innovation blossoms from multidisciplinary people who trust in the future, but are too impatient to wait for it. So they build it.

Medicine & Surgery

I strongly believe that it is time for a personalised and patient-centric approach to medicine, thanks to digital health technology.

Product launching

Having a commercially valid idea to solve a problem is only the first step, I persist to realize it keeping in mind the final users.

3D modelling & printing

Being capable of materialising concept ideas or 2D medical images (e.g. CT scans) looked like a superpower to me. So, I've learnt and applied it.

Artificial Intelligence

AI allows us to improve the quality and quantity of data and services provided to each patient, with overall benefits for the healthcare field.

Digital innovation

From NFC to NFTs, from wearable devices to the metaverse. Digital technologies are radically changing all aspects of our lives.

Articles on LinkedIn

Written to share opinions and trigger conversations

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My Journey, so far

  • Experience

  • Research PhD candidate

    UWE, Bristol (UK) | Apr 2023 - [...]

    Co-design digital solutions with patients and clinicians | Implement affective compiuting in mental health.

  • Medical specialist & strategy developer

    IntelliHearts, Digital MedTech Startup | Nov 2020 - Jul 2022

    Design & implement AI health applications | Define & execute the project strategy & roadmap, both scientifically and commercially | Obtained several international recognition and a partnership with the Medical University of Lodz (PL).

  • Medical doctor

    ASL Bari, Medical practise | May - Oct 2021

    Serving in the prevention medicine department | Patients' anamnesis & vaccine communication.

  • Medical researcher and start-up advisor

    Ortopedia 3D, Startup in Orthopaedics | Nov 2020 - May 2021

    Improved the business plan and project presentation | Gastro-Intestinal applications with La Sapienza University, Rome.

  • Co-creator & Project coordinator

    MyHealthData (MyHD) | Jan 2018 - May 2020

    Launching a digital health Startup | Research & development of healthcare ICT innovative solutions | Draw up, improve, and pitch the project business plan.

  • Co-founder & Administrator

    FabCraft Srls – Climb3D | Jul 2016 - Oct 2019

    Launching a digital manufacturing Startup Product | R&D | Market validation | Business owner | Event organisation and public speaking | Public grant obtained and managed, €30k.

  • Education

  • MSc Health Technology

    UWE, Bristol (UK) | Oct 2021 - Nov 2022

    AI and Computer Vision in Healthcare | Smart Sensing | Innovative medical technologies | Health product development | FYP: ECG-based emotion detection algorithm (Affecting Computing).

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) in Healthcare

    Stanford University, Coursera | Feb - Dec 2021

    Requirements and biases to face when developing AI and ML products in the health sector.

  • Expert3D: 3D-printing & AI applications in medical imaging

    SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital, EIT Health | Sep - Nov 2020

    Applying 3D technologies and AI in medical immaging for pre-surgical planning and personalised medical device building.

  • 6-year University Degree in Medicine and Surgery

    University of Bari (ITA) | Graduated in Jun 2020

    Clinical training and medical practise | IFMSA Research Exchange in Tunisia | Erasmus+ in Slovakia | Experimental thesis in 3D-printing applications in Neurosurgery | Grade: 107/110.

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